Jun 30 2013
Welcome to the alice & lois blog
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Welcome to the Alice & Lois blog! 

welcome.bigWelcome. We’re thrilled to be unveiling our blog. It’s been months in the making. Through our brainstorming we kept realizing certain themes– it’s our goal for this blog to highlight those who do good things, create good things and celebrate the good in life. See the pattern here? It’s all about goodness.

We named our business and our blog after our grandmothers. They were women with integrity, confidence and goodness in their hearts. And we strive to live our lives with those same qualities.

Each week we’ll be sharing with you stories of our everyday lives in extremely different places, recipes we make in our kitchens, and projects we work at on our dining room tables. It’s important for us as sisters who live far apart to stay as close together as possible. So many of our projects will reflect family.

We also will be telling the stories of people we know, and those we’re just meeting who are doing good in their lives.

If we had to sum up our intention with this new endeavor, it would go something like this… Celebrate the goodness in life – the good that comes from a loving family, creating every day and introducing our community to those who do good for others.

Thanks again for visiting and stay in touch!

Sara & Melissa

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  • AnnaJuly 3, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    The blog looks awesome! Can’t wait to see you girls at Alt Summit in a couple weeks 🙂

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