Jul 11 2014
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girls morningtimepost by Melissa

Happy Friday, guys. What a week. I came down with mastitis yesterday, but luckily I’ve caught it early, so I’m starting to feel better. Have you guys ever dealt with this? But I tell you, when I’m feeling blue, I just look at my girls and the world is right. I took this picture above the other morning. Calla snuggles with her little sister every morning first thing. She tells Poppy over and over again how much she loves her.

And talking about sweetness, you’ve got to watch the video in the first link. Our cousin Karl and his daughter Fiona… you’ll love it!

My roots go down. Their video has over a half million views!

Amazing Grace and her special Barbie. (Thanks for sharing this, Heather.)

My friend Karina sent this story to me. You’ve gotta watch this, it’s the sweetest friendship.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Have you ever tried blueberry buckle?

Did you hear about the potato salad guy?

I’m eyeing these sandals.

You know how I fell in love with watermelon agua fresca? Now I have to try this one.

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