DIY Wood Bead
Hair Ties

DIY Wood Bead Hair Tie

We are always trying to come up with little gift ideas to stuff in all those Easter eggs. Did you see our Easter Basket Gift guide last week? Today I am sharing a super simple DIY Easter gift idea – hand painted wood bead hair ties. You know those elastic hair ties? Just add a personalized hand painted bead for something extra special! These will fit perfectly into little plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt!

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Supplies: oval wood beads // Fold Over Elastic // scissors // Acrylic Paint // paint brushes // gold and white paint pens // bamboo sticks // washi tape

DIY Wood Bead Hair Ties


1. Adhere washi tape near bottom of stick. Slide a bead onto stick. Leave an inch in between your next tape/bead.

2. Paint the beads using acrylic craft paint. Let dry for an hour.

3. While you wait for beads to dry, cut fold over elastic 8.5 inches. I stuck the bamboo sticks into a glass filled with dry rice so that they could dry standing up.

4. Use gold and white paint pens to dry designs/patterns on beads. I chose dots, brush strokes and x’s.

5. Push the elastic through the bead hole using the stick.

6. You might have to try a few times to get it through. Pull the elastic through carefully not to fray too much.

7. Line up the ends of the elastic .

8. Tie in a knot. Trim ends and *heat-seal ends to prevent fraying. *Grown ups only.

Fill your eggs with these sweet handmade gifts!

DIY Wood Bead Hair tie

DIY Wood Bead Hair Tie on alice & lois

Photos by Sara Albers. all rights reserved.

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