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Pretty pink blossoms bloom against a blue sky in San Francisco.

Happy Friday, guys! What a week it’s been in Crested Butte. Almost three feet of snow in three days! The town looks absolutely beautiful with this new heavy coat of white. While I’ve been buried in snow, Sara’s been buried in Super Bowl traffic in San Francisco. But she’s handling it just fine, all she has to do is look up and see these gorgeous pink blossoms and blue skies. She took this pic above just yesterday.

And have you seen our new series, “This Word Has Meaning” on Instagram? Each week, we’ll introduce you to one of our friends and their favorite word. They’ll explain why their word resonates with them. This week, our dear friend Melissa from Lulu the Baker shares her thoughts on the word considerate

Hope you enjoy some of our favorite finds from this past week. Enjoy! –Melissa

Five hundred voices sing Space Oddity.

The Modern Love column is now a podcast!

How to raise a creative child.

Oops, a wrong turn in Iceland.

Have you heard of the 20K house?

Great words from designer Jessica Hische.

Why we love Peyton Manning

I want to make these for Sunday’s big game.

Wouldn’t this DIY make a perfect house warming gift?

I’m in love with this gold foil heart tee.

A favorite everyday accessory.

My favorite new vessels for my plants.

Digging Shutterbean’s winter capsule wardrobe.

Pin of the week.

photo by Sara Albers. all rights reserved.

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