DIY Halloween Pillow

DIY halloween pillow

I love Halloween, but don’t always love all of the decorations. I wanted to add something a little subtle for my family room – a spooky pillow is perfect. I used a plain pillow case, some iron on magic and handmade tassels for a DIY Halloween pillow! We included two printables – a spooky Halloween tree and a black crow. You can make two pillows or one with a different front and back. Read more for the full tutorial…

DIY halloween pillow supplies

Supplies: 20 x 20 pillow cover // 20 x 20 pillow insert // Iron on transfer paper // crow pillow printable // tree pillow printable // iron // scissors // orange embroidery thread // embroidery needle // glue

Iron on steps:

Print and cut around the edges of transfer. Follow instructions on packaging for iron on. Iron and let cool. Peel the transfer and viola!


Step 1: Making the tassels – Cut a pice of cardboard 2.5 inches x 5 inches. Cut a piece of thread to 6 inches and tape to top of cardboard. Wrap embroidery thread around the cardboard 10 – 12 times (depends on how thick you want the tassel).

Step 2: Cut the bottom thread on the cardboard. This will make the tassel ends.

Step 3: Remove tape the top thread and tie a tight double knot to make the tassel top.

Step 4: Cut a piece of 10 inch embroidery thread. Tie a tight double knot on the top end of tassel (see picture). You can also add a tiny bit of glue to hold.


Step 5: Wrap the thread around the tassel. Tie in a tight knot, leaving a few inches.

Step 6: Take the end through the embroidery needle. Pull up through the top of tassel.

Step 7: Tie a tight knot.

Step 8: Thread through the outside of pillow case corner. Tie a tight knot in the inside corner.

finished tassel

DIY halloween pillow

All photos by Sara Albers. All rights reserved.

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