DIY project – Hand Stamped Dish Towel

dish.towel.tutorial from alice & loisI have had quite a few friends moving out of the city in the last year. I wanted to create something handmade for them to remember the city by. I have a beautiful stamp of the Golden Gate Bridge from Yellow Owl Workshop. Nothing better than a soft and durable flour sack dish towel with the GGB to keep in your kitchen to remember the sweet city by the bay! Read more for the full tutorial.

Supplies: ironed flour sack dish towel, stamp, acrylic paint, foam brush, card board, tape and iron

dishtowel supplies


1. Lay out your ironed dish towel on card board or newspaper and tape down flat.

2. Mix your paint for desired color.

3. Apply paint to stamp using foam brush.

4. Press the stamp firmly to towel.

dish towel tutorial

5. When the paint is dry and your stamping is done, move the dish towel to ironing board and place old cloth on top of it. Now you will “heat set” the paint by ironing over the cloth on top of the towel.

6. Wash and dry the towel and wrap it up to surprise a sweet friend!

dish towel 2

towel.spoons from alice & loisEnjoy!


*All images by Sara Albers for alice & lois design studios

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  1. Great tutorial! Will the stamps wash off in the washer or are there any special washing / drying instructions?

    1. Hi Nicole –
      I have washed and dried it twice and the paint stays on. I recommend “heat setting” the paint by using an iron over the towel after it completely drys.
      Enjoy! Sara

  2. What a sweet project. I love how the bridge towers resemble two people holding hands. Great application.

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