Aug 27 2016
A Little Bit of Everything
Post by melissa fenlon

A Little Bit of Everything

Happy Weekend, friends! We’re packing in all kinds of adventures this weekend, as Calla starts second grade on Monday and Poppy starts preschool this week too! Holy cow, I can’t believe how time does indeed fly. We’re off to hike Cinnamon Mountain now. Calla’s packing enough snacks for a week-long trek. Hope you guys all have a great weekend! Enjoy some of our favorite links from the week. –Melissa

How were you brave today?

Watching the fog roll in.

Family life in portraits.

Love this high school tradition.

We’ve dyed with it, turmeric has many powers.

This school supply, love em or hate em?

Fifteen minute DIY awesomeness.

Love how simple this DIY vase is.

Sea grass storage love.

Who doesn’t need another stripe tee?

Pin of the week.

Photo by Sara Albers.

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