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DIY project – Share the Love pillow


We are always trying to come up with creative ways to share our children’s artwork with their grandparents. This DIY project was simple yet so personal. We sent this to our mom (a.k.a. Gram) as a way for her to see her grand daughter’s art everyday in her own home.

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Supplies: cotton muslin fabric, printed cotton quilt weight fabric, ribbon, fabric markers, pillow filling, and sewing machine


Step 1: Measure both fabrics into the size pillow that you desire. Add an extra half inch around for seam allowance.

Step 2: Kids time to create! Let the kids create on the solid cotton pillow front fabric. I traced the seam line so the kids could see where they could draw. Follow directions on the fabric markers for heat settings to seal the ink on fabric.

Step 3: Decorative fabric on front of pillow (if you want). I sewed a strip of patterned fabric on the front right side with gross grain ribbon trim just to add some interest and detail.

Step 4: Pin right sides of fabric together and stitch all sides using a half inch seam allowance, leaving an opening to use for filling. I did not use a pillow form for this project.

Step 5: Stuff pillow with filling.

Step 6: Stitch the opening closed.

Step 7: Wrap and send to grandparents!



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