Aug 5 2013
DIY project – Washi tape notebook
Post by sara albers

DIY washi tape notebook on aliceandlois.compost by Sara

When Melissa and I went to ALT Summit a few weeks ago, I wanted to get a few simple notebooks for us to use. I found some grey moleskin journals that were perfect – just needed a bit of personality. Nothing a little washi tape couldn’t help!

Read more for the full tutorial…

This is such a simple DIY project. Washi tape is a Japanese decorative masking tape. I purchased mine in Japan town in San Francisco.

Supplies: Moleskine Journal // washi tape // scissors


Step 1: Be creative! Determine what pattern you would like to make.

Step 2: Start taping! Washi tape is forgiving…just like masking tape. Start from the top and smooth out with the pad of your finger so you don’t have any bubbles.

Step 3: Trim your ends of washi and tape up the back side of cover.


DIY washi tape journal on

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