DIY – Succulent Shower Favor

Shower favor

I had the absolute honor of hosting our best friend’s baby shower last weekend here in San Francisco. She is expecting TWINS! We are beyond thrilled for her as we know first hand the experience of being twins is amazing – a true blessing.

I am sharing a tutorial on making living shower favors. I wanted to use succulents as they do so well in the San Francisco climate. I found these darling tumblers at Ikea to use as the pots. It is fun to give a favor to guests that they can enjoy for a while and be reminded of the sweet mama to be as they watch the plant grow!

Click “read more” for the full tutorial.

Supplies: pots, small succulents, succulent potting soil, small rocks, craft sticks, washi tape, twine and gift tags



1. Plant the succulent in the pot using succulent potting soil. I added a thin layer of small rocks on bottom of pot since there are no draining holes.

2. Make the washi tape flags – I used wide washi tape. Cut a piece of tape 3.5 inches long. Fold over top of stick. Make 2 cuts to make tape look like flag.

3. Gift tag – Melissa designed the precious gift tag, Little Loves. I used baker’s twine to attach the tag to the craft stick.

Little Loves

Now you have a sweet living shower favor.



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