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heart rocks

Some of our favorite words we read this week from Cleo Wade, “Just a reminder: Love is not passive. It is not quiet and it is not still. Love is a fierce and mighty thing. And love can be mad as hell sometimes but it still always does what love does – it conquers, it overcomes and it marches on.”

Love your family, love your community, love your world. Most importantly, let’s be examples of love to our children and our neighbors. xoxo, Sara and Melissa

Last wishes.

The newest purple.

The top new restaurants are…

Seeing double.

We want to try and make this DIY table.

Loving this simple rug (and great price too).

Sara’s found a great collection of kilim pillows for her new screened in porch. Love this one, this one, another great one and this lumbar!

Making a big batch of these today.

Think the girls would love this for their desks.

Pin of the week.

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