Green Smoothie Ice Cubes
Jan 26 2019
Make ice cubes from spinach and kale to add to your morning smoothie
Post by sara albers

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What better time than now to share our favorite trick to add some power greens to your morning smoothies? So many of us start ...

Modern Heart Cookies for Valentine’s Day
Jan 25 2019
Modern Heart Sugar Cookies
Post by melissa fenlon

One of our favorite traditions for Valentine’s Day is to make heart-shaped sugar cookies. We love making a big batch of these Modern Heart Cookies to give to friends for Valentine’s Day. We’ve even made them as the girls’ classroom ...

A Little Bit of Everything
Jan 19 2019
Post by melissa fenlon

It’s a three-day weekend, woohoo! We’ve gotten a lot of snow this week, so the skiing will be fabulous. Hoping to tackle some more decluttering and organizing projects at home this weekend, too. Reorganized Poppy’s closet this past week and ...

2018 Blog Recap and What’s in store for 2019
Jan 17 2019
Post by sara albers

We don’t know about anyone else, but 2018 went by so fast. We were busier than ever with the blog, which was exciting, but also stressful. Sara continued to become adjusted to life in the Midwest after her move last ...

A Little Bit of Everything
Jan 12 2019
Gorgeous kitchen
Post by melissa fenlon

image above by Thayer Gowdy

Happy January, friends! Hope the holiday break was wonderful for all of you. We’re settling back in and both are tackling some decluttering projects at our homes. Feels good to clean! Enjoy some of our ...

Breakfast Cookies Recipe
Dec 30 2018
Breakfast Cookies Recipe
Post by melissa fenlon

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If your mornings are anything like ours, they can be so incredibly busy! We try to be so organized and ready the night before, but those ...

A Little Bit of Everything
Dec 29 2018
Post by melissa fenlon

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays! Time for family, for winter fun and time to reflect. Here are a few of our favorite links…

For all you Hamilton fans!

Best podcasts of the year.

Anyone else love to drink ...

Tips for healthy snacking with The Marketplace
Dec 27 2018
Tips for healthy snacking
Post by melissa fenlon

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Who else has trouble finding a quick and healthy snack? We both have struggled over the years finding good-for-you snacks while working at ...