Printable New Year’s Game

Free Printable New Year's Game from aliceandlois.comHere’s a fun way to get the conversation started at your New Year’s soiree. Print out these Printable New Year’s Game cards (there are more on the free download) toss them in a bowl or glass jar and have your guests start answering. It’s a great way to reflect, to laugh a bit and to learn more about the past year.

We like to put them all in a bowl and have everyone pick one or two. Each guest answers theirs, then throws them back in the bowl. Keep having people pick cards until you’ve answered them all. Trust us… it’s a ball! We also love starting our New Year Memory Jar on New Year’s Eve.

Download the cards here.

Find our updated 2020 Version of the New Year’s Game here

Happy New Year!

–Sara and Melissa

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