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baby food recipes on from fresh baby bitesIn week three of our Baby Love Series, we’re featuring some amazing baby food recipes from Fresh Baby Bites. Founded by moms, Cristina Serafyn and Kim Burns, Fresh Baby Bites makes fresh, local, organic baby and toddler food in San Francisco. The idea was born in 2009, when Kim was going back to work after the birth of her daughter Anna. She searched for a fresh alternative to the baby food she was already making at home. She consulted with Cristina, who was tapped into the local food movement, and they teamed up to start Fresh Baby Bites. They’ve since grown from making baby food with lots of spices and local, seasonal vegetables, to making finger food, toddler food and even first birthday cakes.

“When babies start off eating solid foods, it’s so important to nourish their little tummies with tasty, quality ingredients. Baby food shouldn’t be bland!” says Cristina. Based in San Francisco, they have a plethora of fresh, seasonal ingredients to choose from. “Luckily we live in such a great place with lots of variety all year long. We don’t want to create a product that sits on a shelf for years, perhaps longer than our children were born! Which is why we’re Fresh Baby Bites!” she says.the founders of fresh baby bites

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They are not afraid to use fresh herbs and spices in their creations for babies and toddlers. “I have always been inspired by foods I like to eat. If we don’t like steamed green beans that look a funny brown color, why would baby?” she asks. Instead, they roast their veggies. Some of their favorites include combinations like Japanese sweet potatoes with bok choy and Chinese five spice; nectarines and peaches with lemon zest and millet and their Baby Chili: red kidney beans, coconut milk, celeriac and onion with cumin.

Fresh Baby Bites is sharing a few of their recipes with us. Enjoy making these for your little ones! These recipes can also be found on their food recipes from fresh baby bites on aliceandlois.comAll photos courtesy of Fresh Baby Bites. Thank you to Cristina and Kim!

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