How to Ice Dye Fabric
Apr 30 2020
Post by sara albers

If you haven’t tried this method of tie dye, you have to give it a try. Learn how to ice dye fabric now!

We are continuing to see the the tie dye trend everywhere and are loving it! You know ...

DIY Rainbow Stamp Art Print
Apr 27 2020
Post by melissa fenlon

One of our favorite ways to make art is with DIY foam stamps. This project, our DIY Rainbow Stamp Art Print, is definitely one of our faves. You only need a few supplies and the possibilities are endless. You can ...

A Little Bit of Everything
Apr 26 2020
Post by sara albers

It is almost hard to believe how long we have been living this new way now. Spending time outside, cooking and eating well, home schooling and getting and staying healthy has been our focus. Between helping the girls with their ...

How to Use Natural Dyes on Fabric
Apr 24 2020
Post by sara albers

If you haven’t done any kind of natural dye for fabrics, you are in for a new hobby that you are going to love. It is such a fulfilling activity. From turmeric to hibiscus to indigo – we are obsessed. ...

Baked Chocolate Donuts Recipe
Apr 23 2020
Post by melissa fenlon

The girls and I have been doing a lot more baking lately and you should have seen their eyes light up with I pulled out the donut pan! We decide on chocolate donuts with a vanilla glaze on top – ...

Fabric Headband with Buttons
Apr 22 2020
Post by sara albers

Over the last month, I have received emails and comments from readers about making cloth masks for hospitals, nursing homes and more. I also heard from some readers that they are using our DIY Fabric Headband pattern and tutorial to ...

Favorite Dutch Baby Recipe
Apr 16 2020
dutch baby cast iron skillet
Post by sara albers


Have you ever made a Dutch Baby? It is so much easier than you think! This is such a fun recipe to make for a special brunch or dessert. A Dutch Baby is a pancake of sorts, cooked traditionally ...

No-Sew Cloth Face Mask
Apr 15 2020
No Sew Face Mask
Post by sara albers

Last week we shared a post about how to make cloth masks using a sewing machine. Well, it turns out you can make the very same mask without needing a sewing machine or sewing at all! Fusible hemming tape is ...