Feb 28 2019
DIY Wood Bead Chandelier
Post by sara albers
DIY Wood Bead Chandelier

Alright friends, now this is a DIY we can get behind. We love using natural wood beads and other wood elements for craft projects. Remember our wood bead snowflake? or the wood bead necklace? Our latest project for our friends at Oriental Trading is this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier.

Guess how many wood beads were used for this project? Nearly 800! Head over to FUN365 for the full tutorial.

Now you can definitely put a light kit inside of this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier, but I am using mine for decorative purposes. I am simply hanging it from white cotton cording. It is in the studio now, but I am thinking it would look so cute in Harper’s room.

Make this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier
DIY Wood Bead Chandelier
DIY Wood Bead Chandelier

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Photos by Sara Albers.

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